United Arab Emirates: drug campaign in Khor Fakkan targets young people and families – News

Sharjah Police’s 5-Day Campaign Explains the Harms of Drug Abuse Through Videos, Artwork and Models

Sharjah police officers visit their anti-drug campaign pavilion in Khor Fakkan. – Photo provided

Posted: Mon Nov 15, 2021, 10:11 PM

Sharjah police on Monday launched a campaign in Khor Fakkan to educate young people about the dangers of drug use.

The campaign, which takes place at a pavilion on Khor Fakkan beach for five days, targets visitors, officials said. The campaign is part of police efforts to improve direct communication with community members and educate them about the harms of drug abuse.

Brigadier General Abdullah Mubarak bin Amer, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police, affirmed the police’s concern to educate and protect society against the scourge of drugs.

He called on community members to join the security services so that drugs do not reach children and society. “Community members can play a big role in eradicating drug use so that we can enjoy a safe society,” Brigadier General bin Amer added.

Lt. Col. Majed Al Asam, director of the Sharjah Police Anti-Narcotics Department, said the initiative plays an important role in the advancement of the company. “Our role as agencies that maintain the security and stability of this society is to educate individuals and set them on the right path for a positive future,” he added.

Lt-Col. Al-Asam explained that the pavilion is designed to develop two choices of individuals, each simulating the life paths they choose. The individual who chooses the “path of evil and addiction” will fall prey to drugs and live in a state of internal conflict with himself under the influence of bad friends. The “evil path” also explains the damage caused by drug use, including psychological and physical problems. He uses awareness videos, drawings and models to show the damage caused by drug use which causes family breakdown and can even lead to perpetrators to commit crimes.

The other choice, described as the “path of kindness,” shows the life of a healthy person with a united family that also benefits society. It also uses quotes from the founding father of the United Arab Emirates, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who says: “Beware, my children, of the poisonous currents that come to you from abroad. Do not approach them or work with them. Do what you see as useful and appropriate for the country in order to achieve more growth and prosperity.

Lt. Col. Al Assam urged community members to cooperate with security authorities in cases of negative behavior. He called on the public to visit the campaign platform to take advantage of the valuable information.

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