House approves bill at second reading to create a separate institution for “high-level offenders”

The House of Representatives approved at second reading the measure to create a separate institution for high-level offenders.

Bill 10355 or the High Level Offenders Separate Facilities Act was approved in a voice vote in Wednesday’s plenary session.

It aims to establish and maintain a separate, secure and hygienic penitentiary for the custody of high-level offenders serving time at the facilities of the Bureau of Corrections.

The bill defines high-level offenders as those convicted of heinous crimes and identified by the CEO of BuCor as high-risk or high-profile, taking into account the offense for which the inmate is convicted, the record judicial or inmate background, and affiliations.

The location of the institution will be determined by the Secretary of Justice and it should be isolated from the general population and other detainees.

The bill said it would be better if the facility was located in a military establishment or on an island separate from the mainland. He added that Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao should have separate facilities.

Senate President Vicente Sotto III earlier proposed that those considered high-level drug traffickers and other heinous criminals be separated from other convicts, noting that there should be a national penitentiary for them. – Anna Felicia Bajo / RSJ, GMA News

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