Emomali Rahmon’s role in establishing, strengthening the state of Tajikistan


When for the first time the glorious and worthy son of the Aation Emomali Rahmon was elected leader of our country, our homeland – the newly independent Tajikistan was going through a difficult period. The bloody wars and inter-Tajik conflicts, which resulted in the loss of many lives and property, posed a great threat to the unity of the country and the existence of the Tajik nation.

Through his wise decisions, perseverance and extraordinary courage, Emomali Rahmon saved the country from the threat of disaster, brought the nation together and brought thousands of refugees back to their homes.

Thanks to the firm will of the Tajik President, the ruins were restored in a short time, large constructions were erected, a Unity road was built, ensuring year-round communication between all corners of the country, and automobile roads were built, allowing the country to have direct access to the ocean and to develop relations with countries far and near abroad.

The country’s most important achievements and successes are the result of selfless work and bold action taken by Emomali Rahmon.

The reward for these tremendous efforts has been the love and respect that Emomali Rahmon has earned from the people of Tajikistan and among the tens of thousands of our compatriots abroad. He has also won immense respect from the world community who show themselves time and time again as an authoritarian ruler of Tajikistan, a seasoned politician and a representative of universal values ​​and ideals.

Emomali Rahmon’s greatest achievement is, without a doubt, the establishment of lasting peace and national unity. The bitter experience of internal wars around the world suggests that no state could defeat its adversaries on the battlefield and place itself at the head of the state machine, management structures and military agencies, using weapons, equipment and its warriors.

By ensuring peace and national unity, Emomali Rahmon has laid a solid foundation for moving forward towards economic recovery and the start of constructive business.

To date, the state independence of the Republic of Tajikistan has been officially recognized by more than 150 countries around the world. Tajikistan has recognized the Charter of the United Nations, the Helsinki Final Act, the Paris Declaration and other international agreements and continues its domestic and foreign policy, protecting human rights, regardless of nationality, religion or race.

Emomali Rahmon has made a great contribution to enhancing the international credibility and prestige of Tajikistan by tackling global issues. Speaking on several occasions from the UN rostrum, he drew the attention of the world community not only to the problems of Tajikistan but also to the Afghan issues, the fight against terrorism, extremism and trafficking. of drugs, the uneven progress of countries around the world, providing mankind with safe water. In particular, he led the world community to tackle the current situation in Afghanistan, which is of great concern.

In his meetings with representatives of foreign states and international organizations, Emomali Rahmon has always stressed that Tajikistan is interested in restoring peace and stability in Afghanistan and supports the inclusive government of this country with the participation of all political and ethnic groups. For example, on September 17, 2021, during his speech at a press conference following talks with the Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Imran Khan, the President of Tajikistan remarked that the stabilization of the Afghanistan’s situation, as a country connecting regional and international transport networks, is particularly important for neighboring countries.

President Emomali Rahmon demonstrates a far-sighted and serious approach to important issues affecting the future of humanity. On the proposal of Emomali Rahmon, the United Nations declared 2003 the International Year of Freshwater and 2005-2015 the Decade of Action “Water, source of life”. Currently, most international and regional events are organized within the framework of this Decade. This initiative of the President of the country is the pride of every citizen of Tajikistan.

Over thirty years of independence, under the leadership of Emomali Rahmon, our country has taken confident steps forward on the path to building an independent democratic state. During this time, Tajikistan had its own flag, emblem and anthem. The main foundations of the state – a national army and border troops emerged and matured. Tajikistan has become a member of authoritative international organizations and has established political, economic and cultural ties with most countries of the world. The foundations of the constitutional system and public administration were rationalized, the national currency was put into circulation and the national passport was recognized.

Thus, the historical merits of Emomali Rahmon consist in the fact that he took charge of the management of the state, prevented the threat of its collapse, extinguished the flames of civil war, restored the paralyzed power of the authorities, in particular the forces of order, created a national army and border troops, provided that the conditions for the consolidation of power and the state, guarantee the peace of the nation, return refugees and displaced persons to their homeland. He laid a solid foundation for building a new Tajikistan society, organized constitutional reform in the country, provided the political and legal basis for the signing of the General Agreement on the Establishment of Peace and the national accord on June 27, 1997. Emomali Rahmon brought peace among the Tajiks, which was an instructive experience for the world community. It created the conditions for a national renewal, marked the beginning of creative works, radically improved the socio-economic situation of the people, eliminated the threat of hunger and contributed to the growth of the political authority of the ‘State on the international scene.

For his invaluable contribution to peace in Tajikistan and strengthening security in the region, other outstanding achievements in strengthening friendly relations and cooperation among nations, Emomali Rahmon has won great honors and awards from state and various organizations around the world.

At the new stage of building a young Tajik state, a fortune has been given to the unique historical personality of the ancient Tajik nation – President Emomali Rahmon – the person who represents the highest qualities – justice, generosity, courage , compassion and unique ability to unite the people. It is the combination of these qualities that has brought the company to a high level of self-knowledge.

Thanks to the constant efforts of Emomali Rahmon, Tajikistan was saved from the national tragedy of the late 20th century and strengthened its state independence so that the Tajik nation after the millennium made remarkable progress on the path to renewal. national and take confident steps towards a better, more prosperous and self-sufficient future.

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