Actor sheds light on dark history of drug addiction


Rownd a Rownd actor Robin Ceiriog has spoken about his character’s latest script – a grim description of addiction.

The Bala actor plays Mathew, deputy director of Ysgol Glanrafon, and viewers have seen the character struggle for six months.

This week, things get too tough for Mathew as the story comes to a head.

Following a foot injury after falling on the beach, Mathew took prescription pain relievers. He developed an addiction to the tablets and secretly bought them from Barry and Iestyn. Mathew recently returned to work at school, but is still taking medication as he struggles to cope with a return to normalcy.

Robin, a former student of Ysgol Y Berwyn, said it’s no surprise his character has taken the path of addiction.

“Since Mathew tends to be addictive, taking strong pain relievers, which are opioids and can be as addictive as heroin, was not a wise choice,” Robin said.

“But the pain in his foot got the better of him, so it had to be done. Inevitably, he became addicted to it and went through a difficult time hiding it.

“As deputy director, he occupies a position of responsibility. It’s easy enough to hide the addiction from his roommates, but I’m sure it would be a lot harder to do if he had a wife and kids etc.

The issue of prescription drug addiction is an important topic that deserves attention, Robin said.

“It’s not a story that hasn’t been covered before – in Rownd to Rownd or other soap operas – and underlines how common this is in a way.

“It’s not just the tablet addiction, but the ripple effect on the character’s sanity that is such an important discussion right now, especially in the turbulent times we’ve been through with Covid and so on. following. It is very important that everyone is open; we all have faults and anyone can suffer from mental health problems.

Only one aspect is that Mathew uses all kinds of things to escape his demons.

Several members of the Rownd a Rownd team have researched this important story, as Robin explained.

“The director looked in great detail at how easy it is to get addicted to these pills, and I looked at the 12-step program that people in rehab and so on. You need to be true to the experiences that real people have to convey them as accurately as possible. “

Rownd to Rownd is Tuesday and Thursday at 8:25 p.m. on S4C, with an omnibus on Sunday.

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