Month: June 2019

How Much Credit Can Pensioners Take?

There are millions of retired citizens in Turkey. In general, pensioners are not very satisfied with the amount of their salary. Unfortunately, our retired citizens resort to ways of using loans through banks. Pensioners who want to use loans for their daily or general needs may in some cases stick to the rules of banks. […]

Bank Credit Rating Rises in How Many Months?

In today’s conditions, loans with banks and products have become one of our sine qua non . We try to take advantage of almost all products offered by banks, including loans and credit cards . Bank products are safe enough to be safe when used correctly. Once you know how to use it, there’s no […]

Mortgage interest expectation in June

How does the mortgage interest rate develop in June? You can read it in our mortgage interest expectation. The market interest rate will fall sharply this month. How do the banks respond? Finally clarity … Import duties or not? The financial markets have been awaiting the final decision of US President Trump in recent months. […]